9 Principles of Person Centered Coaching

The concept of person centered healthcare is becoming increasingly established among health and social care professionals. The concept is also important in the field of coaching, for both personal and professional development. Reviewing the Medicines, Ethics & Practice guide published by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (UK), I saw correlations between person-centered healthcare and the practice of person-centered coaching. Here are 9 principles that are as fundamental to the Coach-Client relationship as they are to the person-centered interactions in the health & social care professions. 1. Partnership. Coach and Client are equal partners in decisions about Client’s personal & professional development. 2. Client-Focus. Decisions about the coaching program and progress are centered on the needs of the Client. 3. Respect for Client preferences; their own sense of creativity and how it relates to their course of action. 4. Compassion. Support if Client experiences challenges or difficulties, especially between coaching sessions. 5. Dignity. Reinforce Client’s sense of […]