14 Principles of Authenticity

What’s old is new. And, what was heralded as ground-breaking in the past is often still relevant today in the technology-bound, social-media-driven environment in which we strive for excellence. Reviewing the work of the renowned humanistic psychologist, Carl Rogers, I re-discovered 14 of his principles which he chose to live by. They epitomize the authenticity and perspectives which, for me, are the foundation of true personal effectiveness and interpersonal collaboration. 14 of Carl Rogers’ principles They’re listed below and I’ve added my perspective of each one: 1. In my relationships with people, I have found it does not help, in the long run, to act as though I were something that I am not. Presenting yourself as something you’re not may achieve short-term gains; pseudo-foundations for personal and professional relationships. But the energy needed to maintain the facade of anything other than your authentic self is often not sustainable, resulting in relationships disintegrating.     […]

The Power of Habit – the Good and the Bad

“Sow a thought, reap an action. Sow an action, reap a habit. Sow a habit, reap a character. Sow a character, reap a destiny.” – Unknown As I reflect on this proverb, I realize that sowing and reaping has been fundamental to human existence for millennia. This agricultural metaphor is germane to so many aspects of our lives; not only in terms of building and growth, but also in the reverse – deconstructing to understand. I think of significant historical figures – leaders, scientists, artists, athletes – and I wonder how they achieved their renowned status. The many biographies that have been written about them reveal details of their lives that provide insight into the thoughts, behaviors, struggles and crises that shaped the destiny of these individuals. The Power to Set Personal Standards I’m encouraged, even comforted, to know that the famed figures of yesterday, today and tomorrow are human. To me, this means that […]